The quest for oil and gas companies to gain greater insight and control over their Drilling and Well Operations is never ending. Mistakenly it is often concluded that by improving the operational time, the ef ciency and cost will also be reduced. Wells are different and comparing the operational performance at a certain point of time one by one may not enclose the actual time thieves. Since the NPT reporting may vary between teams and companies, the time data does not give completely accurate overview in this case either. So how to identify the long-term trends of operational activity and improve performance ef ciency?


    Since iQxTM TIME has the functionality to visualise data saved in any format, the engineers save a lot of time normally spent on manual data search and processing. Additionally, the human error factor is practically eliminated, which leads to a higher and more consistent level of quality in the engineering. iQxTM TIME enables quick generation of time/KPI data improving the ef ciency optimisation.


    TIME module in AGR’s iQxTM software platform uses up-to-the-minute data from the user’s daily drilling report system and historic activity reports, enabling oil and gas companies to accurately benchmark operational activity against both their own previous projects as well as third party activity. The data in iQxTM is automatically synchronised with all industry recognised drilling reporting systems and publicly available data enabling to highlight the inef ciencies and opportunities for cost and ef ciency improvement.


Scrutinising deeper into the activity report it can be concluded that the difference in operational time is caused by RCOH (the violet colour in Figure 2 highlighting running casing in open hole). The difference can have been a result of poor cleaning of the hole or incorrect mud parametres were secured prior to running the casing.

label 2

label 3

Key benefits of iQxTM TIME:

  • Access high quality data for improved performance and
    reduced costs
  • Visualise data in any format and identify long-term trends
  • Minimise human error during reporting and data inputting
  • Easily generate time/KPI data
  • Search and get greater insight of speci c operational
    timings and data across multiple wellbores
  • Database for regular
  • Management overview improved optimisation focus

The TIME module has been developed in partnership with
current software users including Lundin, AKER BP, VNG, OMV,
and LUKOIL Overseas.